Dwayne Seymour

Candidate Information

Dwayne Seymour

Bodden Town East




Dwayne completed his first term in the Legislative Assembly and served as an MLA and Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing. He worked diligently for youth and families of this country passing laws and bringing motions that improve insurance regulations, provide affordable housing and protecting children.

“John John” Seymour is a son of the soil. He grew up in Central Bodden Town in an area called Gun Square an area that was bursting with history yet progressive, it had the teacher’s cottage, the police station, the clinic, the post office, the mission house, the town hall, the famous canon guns, the movie theatre and the slave walls.


A self-made business man he spent thirty two years in the tourism, Airline & Aviation industry and sixteen years in security.


Dwayne has always been a man of the community developing youth and has been involved with the Bodden Town Football club for some thirty years as manager, coach, captain and now serving as Vice President. He organized and sponsored the “be loud, be proud” campaign in getting the youth vote out, he served as Chairman of the youth parliament and historically led the sessions annually for four years consecutively, he also held a program for up and coming musicians called “Xposure” to hone the talents of developing artist.


Dwayne is a strong supporter of small businesses and believes our middle class needs to be restored and giving maximum support to be vibrant again.