Catherine Tyson

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Catherine Tyson

George Town South



Catherine Tyson is running for George Town South.

A trained counselor by profession, Ms. Tyson has a Master’s degree in social work and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Ms. Tyson began her civil servant career as a Social Worker, but also is an author and has worked in the media in various capacities.

From 1998 to 2013, Ms. Tyson was employed with the Cayman Islands Government. She has worked in the Department of Children and Family Services as well as the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment. She has served in the faculties of Social Work Manager, Training Facilitator, Freedom of Information Manager, Children’s Homes Inspectorate, Children’s Law Regulations Manager, and Training and Development Manager.

Since 2005, Ms. Tyson has been an instructor and course facilitator for the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, offering a range of customized courses, seminars and workshops.